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Lancashire Hotpot (Novel)


The inspiration for writing Lancashire Hotpot evolved out a number of events and especially a neighbourhood in Valby, Denmark during late 1998. Daily dog walks near the Second World war bunker on Gladbovej and through the local allotments rekindled memories from Preesall in North West Britain during the early 1970´s. Memories of which were alluded to during a radio interview with BBC Radio Lancashire in February 2005. Children playing in trees and overgrown gardens with small weather beaten wooden sheds all contributed to an indelibly etched memory of a mysterious secret garden and an even more mysterious old person.

In late 1999 a copy of Lancashire Hotpot was e-mailed to a number of publishing agents in Lancashire, UK. The author was unsuccessful in finding a publishing agent and so sent a number of electronic copies to close friends. The author has always wondered if an original copy of Lancashire Hotpot was stolen in late 1999 by computer hackers and used for other purposes. The suspicion was increased following the untimely death of a police officer from Preesall called "Braithwaite".


"This book provides an insight into a labyrinth of impressions that have played on the mind of the author since the early 1970´s. Having no logical explanation for all the strange incidents the author set out to record various themes from selected impressions within his book Lancashire Hotpot. It is thought the final incident to cause the author to put pen to paper was the 1st December 1998 fire at Klampenborg racecourse, Denmark. The book was sent as a gift to a small group of friends in Lancashire, UK during 1999, including a Catforth primary school teacher. The book is an adaptation of Peter Cheyney´s novel "You Can´t Keep the Change!" The circumstances surrounding the 1999 private publication of Lancashire Hotpot belong to one of the greatest stories ever told". Anonymous Fan - USA

"I am so amazed with the entrepreneurial initiative taken by the author to adapt a book for private publication in 1999 which draws attention to strange anomalies in Lancashire. I have just seen that the Swedish Government published a report in 1999 called "Sweden and Jewish Assets". Page 189 describes a gold bar recorded in Stockholm during the early 1940´s from the Bank of England and numbered H264482 H5602. Did you know 26+44+82 equals the ANNA code for Heinrich Himmler!!! Such an amazing story" Bally Shoe Network - Switzerland

"I wonder if "hackers" got their hands on an electronic copy of Lancashire Hotpot in late 1999 when the author was trying to find a publishing agent in Lancashire. I don´t see how it could have been received in any other way than a Barium meal". Barbara - Brazil

"The logic for writing this book in 1999 is so mind bending. The author had nothing tangible to base his suspicions on other than the laws of probability and the impression that something was not quite right! Absolutely fantastic!!!! FABERGE!!!! The NSA will sure as hell try and prevent the sale of this book!" Preesall Underground - Lancashire, UK

"This book has helped me to understand something very difficult. The author has presented a complex form of psychology with twists and turns that even the CIA and MI6 will be able to understand. It´s not a report based on six million pages of classified documents, it´s what I´ve been searching for to help me feel for those who have survived the criminal failings of the State. It is so amazing the author chose "Lancashire Hotpot" as the title and presented each chapter as an ingredient for the benefit of anyone wishing to make the traditional dish. I smiled to myself when I learned that British troops were actually preparing Lancashire Hotpot at a villa on Uelzener Straße 31a, Lüneburg in 1945 when Heinrich Hitzinger walked through the door." Ruth - Australia

Lancashire Hotpot - Overview

The novel "Lancashire Hotpot" is written using a blunt style of Lancashire humour to help people understand a mysterious message concealed within a book called The Labyrinth (1956). The Labyrinth was written by SS Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg after his interrogation at one of the properties owned by the Duke of Bedfordshire (1) in the UK and during a time of imprisonment following his role as a witness at the Nuremberg (IOI) War Crimes Tribunal.

Schellenberg died from liver disease on 31st March 1952 at the "Fornaca clinica" in Turin, Italy. The book contains his memoirs that were later published by Pyramid books in English under a new title called "Hitler´s Secret Service". However, the "Labyrinth" may also be a secret key to past and future Nazi crimes that are only visible by reading "between the lines". (On the surface everything appears to be logically explainable but by digging a bit deeper the logically explainable becomes challenged by the laws of coincidence. e.g. The Labyrinth - page 314, "Bormann seemed to me like a pig in a potato field").

Lancashire Hotpot is set in the county of Lancashire and Manchester, England and involves the theft of valuable Faberge from a stately home in the Hodder valley belonging to General Sir Marcus Braithwaite where he lives with his three beautiful young daughters. A private detective is hired to investigate why the insurance company is slow at releasing the insurance money. The detective soon realizes there is more to the theft than meets the eye. He decides to proceed with his inquiry accumulating facts to support his suspicions that reach a climax in a deadly confrontation with the person in possession of the Faberge.

Throughout the story a mysterious old man appears at different locations in Manchester and Lancashire. The question about his identity plays on the mind of the investigator. Strange incidents also occur that are not related to the main investigation but challenge the investigators thoughts on various reflections of his past life making him appear distant and pensive to his close friends and colleagues.

The book is an adaptation of Peter Cheyney´s novel "You Can´t Keep The Change!" (1940). Lancashire Hotpot will leave a reader wondering if something like this could have really happened. (1023 + 933 = 1956 = The Romont Riddle).

"If you are looking for answers to questions that play on your mind then Lancashire Hotpot is as important as Carl G. Jung´s book, "Memories, Dreams and Reflections", complete with a secret pot of gold!!!!" - Friends of Guldbergsgade, Denmark.

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1). In 1939 a secret Department for Propaganda (known as Department Electra House - EH) relocated from London to Woburn Abbey. EH later became known as SO1 under the SOE.