Robin Drinkall

A profile of Robin Drinkall and his creative work.

Letters of support -  (Data capture solutions between 2000-2009)

When performing clinical trials it is essential that datacapture can be performed as quickly as possible and as correctly as possible. This is a major problem when patient diaries are used in a trial. It often takes a long time to gather these, and the quality of the data varies.

In my opinion the IVRS (ClinTel) is of high interest, as IVR will supply the project manager with data of a high quality and without delay. At the same time it may be of benefit to the patients involved in the trial and better for their compliance.

Birthe Lund - Medical Manager - Eli Lilly Denmark


Example of an e-health patient journal integrated with IVRS telephony - designed by Robin Drinkall, Peter Harsanyi and programmed by Morten Møller-Riis with support from POST Cti, Yorkshire, UK.


(BELOW - DANISH BT NEWSPAPER ARTICLE 28 DECEMBER 2001. The article explains unexplained internet traffic from Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the US Naval Warfare center experienced on the Virusman website during September/October 2000. The article does not mention a 112 Emergency call made in Denmark a few days after 9/11 in 2001 following the sighting of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) stepping on to an S-Train at Valby Langgade station in the direction of Ballerup. KSM then greeted an Afghan tribesman with a suspicious Masonic handshake in an act that can be best described as a plot straight out of the book "Kim" written by Rudyard Kipling. (The cartoon drawing of Virusman was made by Christian Johnsen, Taastrup in September 2000).

A 2013 investigation by the Danish Police commissioners office has confirmed that Copenhagen Police do not doubt a 112 call was ever made about KSM however they are unable to find any data in their archives.


Astra Zeneca

It is with great interest I have followed your ideas during the development phase of your IVRS (ClinTel) tool, and I am happy to know that your validation process is well underway. When it is completed I believe your IVRS tool will have great potential as a data collection tool, especially when collecting patient dairy data in clinical trials.

From a Clinical Data Management perspective compliance and reliability are the two biggest challenges when collecting patient dairy data. The concept your IVRS tool offers, by calling patients and collecting information - real time will have great advantages for when trying to overcome these problems. If we at the same time can help our patients taking the right medication at the right time, we will have achieved a double benefit by using an IVRS tool in our clinical trials.

Carsten Junge Pedersen - Head of Data Management - Astra Zeneca - Denmark


Thank you for keeping us updated about your project at the Teknologisk Innovation center and the IVRS tool you have developed during the year.

As you will no doubt be aware we are always interested to consider new validated methods for collecting data in a Clinical Trial. Quality and reliability of data is paramount to the registration of a new drug. For me it is obvious that the technology you are developing may provide Pfizer with an interesting tool in relation to clinical as well as market research activities.

Søren Rasmussen - Medical Director Pfizer Denmark 


Your technology and ClinTel may assist pharmaceutical companies with this challenge (data capture).

Lars Petersen - Medical Director Novartis Denmark