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My Facebook Scrapbook - Synopsis

Where did it all start? Like a river everything has a point of origin - a start and a finish. The journey between both points is called experience.

The idea for creating a Scrapbook on Facebook in the format of a historical puzzle and using fiction and non-fiction literature came to me following a Christmas holiday. I guess my subconscious was in someway still mulling the possible link between the handwriting on the US anthrax letters from 2001 and a former member of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in London. News reports surrounding the anthrax attacks had suggested the person who sent the letters was also linked to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

My Facebook Scrapbook is designed in a way similar to a labyrinth where two people, one possessing a vast amount of knowledge and the other with a complete loss of memory, agree to make a journey through a long and dark passage. The journey becomes a walk through time and history reflecting on past disasters and events that have shaped the 21st century.

One of the persons, a male, believes the passage is a path towards the key for certain events that have happened during his life. The other person, a young female, has no memory of who she is or why she is in the passage. She only feels a sense of familiarity during certain parts of the journey. Each time she experiences a sense of knowing she also receives a flashback to a certain period in time during her life that eventually make sense at the end of the journey. (Lindl)

The story of their journey is presented at the beginning of each chapter and provides an allegorical meaning for the progression of information contained within each chapter. The information is presented in a parallel format to the journey aiming to achieve the impression of a "Combined Operation".

The layout of the book contains screen shots from Facebook on each facing page. The screen shots contain short statements of facts about a person or event in history. i.e. Rudolf Hess is linked to his son Wolf Hess who is then linked to the collapse of Building 7 at the World Trade Center in 2001.

Another example concerns three members of the Nazi SS, Otto Skorzeny, Karl Wolff and Walter Schellenberg and their association with Islets. The Islets are then linked to aerial views of Islets, such as the Hawaiian Islands and microscopic pictures of Amoeba. The Microscope is linked to an eye patch and a person claiming to be the leader of the Nazi SS Heinrich Himmler. This is then linked to the German biologist Paul Langerhans and the book written by Walter Schellenberg called The Labyrinth and also a book written by Rodney G. Minott and called The Fortress that Never Was - The Myth about the Nazi Alpine Redoubt.

Therefore every event that has taken place and described in the book will have additional information and be linked to another event or person earlier in time. (Perhaps symbolic of the meeting that took place between Admiral Sir Barry Domville and Ernst Schaefer at number 230, "Link House" on the Strand, London during the 1930´s and also the emergency telephone call made a few days after 9/11 during 2001 in Copenhagen after the sighting of a person resembling Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at Langgade Station, Valby.).

The book will also examine a strange letter addressed to "Vincent Churchill" retrieved from Joachim Von Ribbentrop during his arrest in Hamburg (Longitude 10) in 1945. The letter was forwarded on to Montgomery who forwarded it on to Churchill who then forwarded it on to Stalin. The letter became a curious enigma and no-one seemed to know its meaning or message and was dismissed as being sent from a confused person in an act of desperation. Joachim Von Ribbentrop was never cross examined about the letter at the Nuremberg War crimes tribunal and was later hanged. The letter surfaced once again during the 1950´s in the London "Evening Standard" (ES) but then appears to have been forgotten until the new Millennium, where once again another dismissive attitude surfaced from within the British machine. Only this time the British machine had made a huge mistake.

The next phase for publication of My Facebook Scrapbook will be to transform the story from the webs "virtual world" over to the real world in the format of a collectable historical work of art reflecting the 21st century. The book therefore may be in the style of a coffee table book. The main goal for the success of the book besides layout and artistic design is for the reader to feel there is a deeper meaning to the story. A book, that is written literally, needs to be also created in a manner where it can also be read allegorically.

The end of the journey is also the end of the book for both the reader and the two persons searching for answers. Whilst both persons are physically tired and exhausted they also feel triumphant with what they have gained mentally through discovery and realization. Their journey ultimately uncovers an alarming pattern, as if played in the game of "Morra", evident through the numbers of "One´s and Two´s" - VAUCLUSE" (Longitude 5) ultimately linked to the ANNA code.

My Facebook Scrapbook project closed in October 2013. All the screenshots are now being processed for potential republication as a coffee table style book.

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(933 + 1023 = 1956 = The Romont Riddle)

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