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News 2020

January - June 2020 

The eTA  has been received for a Grand Tour of Canada. Toronto will be the start of the adventure and include a visit to York cemetery where Olga Alexandrovna Romanov is buried. Olga lived for many years in Ballerup in Denmark. She was encouraged by the Danish Government to play a role in helping to determine the credibility of Annastasia, a lady claiming to be the daughter of Tsar Nicholas, in Berlin. Olga was allegedly let down by the Danish Government in her later years and sought residency in Canada. The tour of Canada will also include insights into the life of Harry Oakes as well as a special look at how the US Prohibition on Alcohol was broken. 

If President Trump asks where I am just tell him, "I´m next door and for him to chill out and take a drink. The same way he´s in FYN making plenty of noise!" 

News - "ROME is now a single house. Try moving to Veii!" - Suertonius, Nero 39

September - December 2019

The fountain of Juturna, the origins of Rome and the "9" day fire of AD 64 became the "twinned" center of attention during August 2019. The Lancashire Pythagorean triangle was tested to see if it could be duplicated in Rome. The initial question was to try and determine which triangle appeared first and then the direction for rotation could be established thereafter. Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen and the anti-clockwise movement of the relocation of the Royal Theater was used for the formula. The Rome triangle needed to be rotated anti-clockwise by 90 degrees to suit the Lancashire triangle. Villa Borghese became Preesall commonly linked by the name PAULINE. The Vatican City and St. Peters became Lancashire Police HQ at Hutton commonly linked through the Swiss Guard and a lady called VANESSA. St. Paul Outside the City Walls (Destroyed by fire in 1823 -- use the letters RW to get a passport and travel to Hungary) became Foulridge in East Lancashire commonly linked by cloth and healing with two female names of CLAIRE and LISA.

The rotation of the triangle also saw an impression of the River Tiber (54) becoming a B road from Ribchester and up through Goosnargh towards the West. The small Hamlet of Kopp near Elswick became linked to the GOETHE museum in Rome. Goethe who also knew the Danish Sculpture Artist Bertel Thorvaldsen during his time in Rome. (One of Thorvaldsen´s students in 1825 was the famous Bostonian sculpture artist "Horatio Greenough" who made a Castor and Pollux relief now located in the United States of America). The point of rotation has yet to be determined however the location for the discovery of the former Prime Minister of Italy´s body (Aldo Morro) is viewed as being linked to other mysteries within the Rome and Lancashire triangle.

One of the most important questions that will be explored before Christmas 2019 is the shape of the triangle. Current thinking is that it is linked to a description on one of the panels from the original bronze doors into St. Paul Outside the City Walls. Panel 24 is called the PENTECOST. The "24th" panel shows the 12 apostles seated in a semicircle. Saints Paul and Peter are in the middle at the top. From above, rays in which tongues of fire are indicated, descend upon their heads. Within the semicircle is an arch, under which are three standing figures. The middle one is arrayed as a king and apparently holding a scroll in his hand. On each side of him is a man who holds a lance. Over the head of these three persons is the word, "The Tongues of Peoples". 

There is also another theory which is closely linked to St. Paul Outside the City Walls and also Bertel Thorvaldsen "BT". This idea supports the 54 panels on the bronze doors at St. Paul Outside the City Walls, the bronze side entrance doors on Tordenskjoldsgade at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, close to the former Danish home of BT and also the Roman locations of where BT lived during his 40 years in Rome. It is known that during his early years in Rome he shared a home with his friend J. A. Koch on Via Sistina. Shortly afterwards he found a permanent home at Palazzo Buti on Via Gregoriana. The triangle and its shape can be seen on the following map and is of similar shape to the triangles in Lancashire and the City of Rome. Furthermore the Gregoriana home of BT can be extrapolated to see if it fits into the Lancashire triangle which would place it at Dandy Birks farm in Claughton-on-Brock. This was the former home of Edward Drinkall who died of TB in 1874 at the age of 33 years. Edward was originally from an area near Abbeystead called Marshaw Wyre and his children returned to Marshaw however the mother re-married. Due to her new marriage she refused to take the children with her and so they were brought up by other members of the family possibly living at Gilberton Farm near Delph Beck and Tarnbrook Wyre. (People are now exploring the similarities to the story of Romulus and Remus in a cave on the South West corner of Palatine Hill, Rome).

The theory is also considering the fire of 1823 and the Paschal "Easter" candle from St. Paul Outside the City Walls in Rome created by Pietro Vassalletto and a 20th century painting in which a young blonde lady is holding a candle with its flame shaped in the form of the Pythagorean triangles of Lancashire and Rome and perhaps also in other undiscovered places. This theory supports the Romont Riddle and the Pillars of Hercules and how all the lines drawn on a map of Europe seem to meet at Sent and Scuol near Castle Romano in Switzerland. The lines thus become similar to the patterns within the square at St. Peters in Rome where all of the lines  within the paving stones converge at the Egyptian Obelisk indicating the location near where St. Peter was killed and hung upside down on a cross in a place once identified as Nero´s Circus, South East of St. Peter´s (see panel from bronze doors into St. Peter´s). An upside down cross is linked to the anti-christ and thus the focus is towards the Inn valley at Sent and Scuol in Switzerland upstream from the former home of Adolf Hitler in Austria.

More insight to follow on the mysteries of Popes Paul IV and V and their omission from the Vatican wall.


Update - Virusman and Thorjon have copyright protection. This acknowledgement allows for the full international development of the characters in various media formats. All rights belonging to Robin Drinkall.

 April - August 2019

The 1995 Hollywood detective/horror movie SEVEN starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow is being studied to try and ascertain if certain investigations by Lancashire Police in the UK had aspects of various cases and police officers private lives duplicated in the movie SEVEN. The Police Officers were linked by telephone numbers and include Chief Superintendent Bill Hacking, Superintendent Michael Gradwell, Detective Sergeant John Crichton and Detective Constable Tony Wilson (No twinning link to Tony Wilson - Madchester). In a meeting between a person known as "Robert" from Trade Co Group during the Winter of 2004 and the British Psychopath and MI6 agent Dr. John Miller of Cambridge, "Robert" referred to establishing relationships and links between people by using telephone numbers. Sometime later information was received that former members of the British Military had been illegally accessing the telephone exchange in Wrexham in the UK. It is also known that during an investigation by Detective John Crichton and Detective Constable Tony Wilson of the UK Regional Crime Squad (Currently known as the National Crime Agency - NCA) in Blackpool another similar case was jeopardised because of a corrupt police officer in the Metropolitan Police in London. The eventual outcome of the investigation by the Regional Crime Squad was the arrest and sentencing of a person called David Spedding. It is unknown if there was planned twinning with the late David Spedding of MI6 and the one sentenced to 7 years in prison in Lancashire.

Kevin Spacey visited Blackpool in the Autumn of 2002. 

More to follow during the Summer of 2019. 

January - March 2019 

The new book called The Spy and the Traitor written by Ben Macintyre has raised several questions about the Secret Police in Denmark known as PET. Balllerup has long been associated with Grand Duchess Olga from Russia who later moved to Canada and finally ended the last days of her life living above a hairdresser salon. However, Ben Macintyre´s new book reveals a curious insight into other links between Russia and Ballerup namely in the form of a safe house selected by PET for the secret meetings between Oleg Gordievsky and MI6 from the British Embassy in Copenhagen. Why PET selected Ballerup is a mystery. It is located along the 1C rail line from Hellerup but it is known that Gordievsky travelled to Ballerup in his diplomatic car with blue licence plates. There is much more information to be revealed about the Gordievsky Ballerup safe house during the next months however people familiar with the game of Scrabble may have already concluded BALLERUP can be changed to PEARL UBL. The UBL standing for Usama bin Laden and the Pearl standing for Japan and the attack on Pearl Harbour. It is also quite possible the identities of Heidi and Lisette Nielsen during the 1980´s and 1990´s were used as part of the parallel game providing various clues in trying to understand the real nature of the crime.

An exercise currently being undertaken near the old bunker from the Second World War and readied for the Cold War on Gladbovej, Valby is to reconstruct the neighbourhood from the 1990´s. There was originally a bakers on the corner of Langegavej and Vigerslev Alle and also a Chinese Takeway on the corner of Gladbovej and Vigerslev Alle (Both the bakers and the Chinese are mentioned in Ben Macintyres new book).  The Soviet Union owned a very discreet commercial Embassy building on Vigerslev Alle. Any advice for locating a Soviet Union Embassy building directly across the road from a bakers will have been provided to the Soviets by the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs who in turn will have consulted The Danish Secret Police, PET.

- Comments have been received to suggest there is a greater significance to the Gladbovej - Embassy for the Soviet Union area of Valby than originally thought. In the 1990´s bus line 16 and 21 both passed Gladbovej. The 16 travelling towards Emdrup from Teglholmen and the 21 from Valby towards Hellerup station (Both buses cross paths later in their journeys near Birkedommervej in Bispebjerg, København NV). Observers have suggested that 16 and 21 equal 38 the actual year of Gordievsky´s birth and also the year during which the AAB building was built in Bispebjerg where the APOTEKET ROSEN is located (Just over the road from the Snow Owl!).

- Comments have also been received to suggest there is in fact a triangle linked to Gladbovej which is linked to the Preesall, Hutton (Clitheroe) Foulridge triangle in Lancashire in the UK. The initials YA of names belonging to Alexandra Starkie and Yvette Livesey who lived in Whalley near Clitheroe are developed through the impressions of a former resident called Lars Lindberg at Gladbovej 6 with links to the PLO (The Danish Association for General Practioner Doctors). The entrance to the garages at the rear of Gladbovej 6 was through a port opposite a house on Gladbovej resembling the final home of OLGA in Canada.

- Comments made by British MI6 agent Dr. John Miller formerly of Churchill College, Cambridge now suggest he may have had knowledge about contract killings sanctioned by higher authorities in London. In reference to a Palestinian he is quoted as saying in 2003/4, "Why don't you put a contract out on him?"

Christmas and New Year 2018/2019 

The Season of goodwill and happiness will see us take to the hills of Lancashire in Britain and visit the source of the River Wyre near Marshaw. Abbeystead and the deadly tragedy of May 84 is never forgotten. Only recently people have started suggesting the ANNA code for ABBEYSTEAD is 84 and the victims and their families are waiting to hear if there was any copy play at work from the First World war in Wervicq and on the River Lys. "Hitler was blinded in a gas attack and sheltered shortly afterwards in an abandoned concrete gun emplacement." Source The Man who Invented Hitler by David Lewis page 159 Chapter 10.

Note: The route between Abbeystead, Marshaw and Dunsop Bridge was originally used by the persons accused of witchcraft from Pendle Hill for their trial at Lancaster Castle in 1612.



The link  

Autumn Holiday 2018 

The Kempinski Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg was the venue for a vacation in the harbour city to learn if there had been any new developments with the interpretation of the 1945 Ribbentrop "Vincent Churchill" letter. Advice and information was sought from the Museum of Hamburg History and Dr. Pelc kindly advised on alternative sources of information. Old maps and documents from the Hamburg History museum helped create a picture of the city in the 16th century with all its defences and various bastions. Ironically, the Hamburg Art Museum is built directly over the original "Vincent" Bastion with the Atlantic Hotel being built on land which was linked to small cottages and various plots of land for growing vegetables near the St. Georges Hospital and also the Vincent Bastion. The street directly behind the hotel is named after a pastor for the St. Georges Church.

The ultimate question is; Was there anything that could have been extrapolated from the 1945 Vincent Churchill letter and the various actions carried out by the Nazi leadership in 1945 that could have helped the Allies and also the German people make sense of all the destruction after the war? Did the letter have no meaning at that moment in time? Was it a letter into the future that would only make sense at a certain moment in time and space? Was the movie CONTACT starring Jodie Foster a clue as to some sort of thinking within the actions behind the letter?

The Vincent Churchill letter still remains a mystery and was available for free download at the UK National Archives some years ago.


October - December 2018

Important information will be made widely available to persons all around the world concerning unusual activities that were taking place 1 year prior to the September 11 attacks in America in 2001. The information was captured on a computer belonging to the Technological Institute in Denmark and rented by Virusman in August 2000. Leaders of the Technological Institute were notified on a number of occasions about problems with security at the Institute.

April - September 2018

A new and inspiring talk about the positive aspects of asking questions to help people go forward with their creative work is now available to international clients. The presentation is called "Resolutely Curious" and is an insight into how an entrepreneur started two companies in Britain and Denmark before launching an extensive inquiry into a statue of Winston Churchill in Copenhagen. The new presentation will demonstrate that by asking "clever questions," whilst curiously examining a subject, a thought process is realised which contributes towards, creativity, purpose and meaning. It is often stated that creative people live on a cliff´s edge somewhere between the real world and the fantasy world. There is no magic formula or "golden rule" for getting to "EUREKA" and for some people "curiosity" is just a normal part of their daily life and their character however by examining the thought process in greater detail and becoming more conscious of the steps involved it may in turn offer an insight into conditions for creating more rewarding environments, initiatives and planning that are beneficial for entrepreneurship, corporate business intrapreneurship, public sector intrapreneurship, historical research and many other spheres of work inclusive of the British Army. 

What if you asked the right question when the opportunity presented itself?     Perhaps at the Hutton Inquiry in 2003......


January - March 2018 

On Friday 15th of December a meeting took place at Frederiksberg Town hall in Denmark. The CEO of Frederiksberg kommune was present at the meeting along with a representative from the legal department and representatives from the archive dept. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Churchill quotation selected by the Mayor of Frederiksberg in 2005 and explore the next steps for going forward. A new article had been written to celebrate both the meeting and also the release of a new film called "Darkest Hour," starring Gary Oldman.

The official list of persons who contributed towards the Churchill Bust in Copenhagen 1955 is available. Any of the persons who are still alive are hoped to be interviewed about their recollections during 2017-2018.


The beautiful, old village of Garda played host to a reunion of old friends from Camping Lido and Albergo Speranza. See photos.


All of the remaining IP numbers detected on the Virusman website from the years 2000-2001 are now available for viewing. Follow the link and see if you can find a Friday Bar or alternatively are there any other IP numbers that give an impression of something else? Always remember the IP numbers appeared around the time of 9/11 (and 1 year earlier) in New York. Various global geographical locations linked to the IP numbers captured by ExtremeTracking were first reported in the Danish newspaper BT on 28 December 2001. These new IP numbers were found by searching the old hard drives of computers and program files used for Virusman in 2000-2001. The program Neo Trace Version 3.01 by NeoWorx Inc was installed on the computer 20 December 2000. Other internet IP tracking tools such as the one provided by UNI-C of Denmark were also employed during the months between August and December 2000.


FAQ´s - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Even though I have read "The Da Vinci Code" and watched films like "Indiana Jones" I am new to all of this "symbolism in art and architecture". Where do I start to try and understand more about the Romont Riddle?

A1. The novel Lancashire Hotpot is a good starting point. The story provides an example of a plot where everything appears to have a logical explanation. The book is fast paced and you should be able to finish it within a couple of days, of which is important. I say important because it is useful to quickly build an impression in your mind of the plot and characters so you can see and feel other factors influencing the storyline at different levels. The book has been written for young adults. The goal should be to create a first impression and then by reviewing all the actions within the story sense a higher level of influence that challenge the laws of coincidence. The story is contructed in a way that will help you think about "introspective psychology".

Q2. Where do I go after grasping the type of psychology experienced by the private detective in Lancashire Hotpot?

A2. My answer is very simple. You then become a detective yourself. A good starting point is The Labyrinth written by Walter Schellenberg and also the mysterious "Vincent Churchill" letter presented by Joachim von Ribbentrop during his 1945 arrest in Hamburg. My hope is for you to carry out your own research and form your own interpretation. It may take some time but it can also be a great lesson in contemporary history and may even become a serious hobby where you actually have the opportunity of becoming a star.

Q3. Should I keep a diary or something of all the notes I record during my research?

A3. Why not start your own blog, forum or even a historical on-line club and record your findings in time and space. All the information is out there. All you have to do is piece it together. There is plenty of additional information on the "Sketches", "My Facebook Scrapbook" and "Guldenhagen" sections of this website. Never forget the Romont Riddle spans many different forms of publication.

Q4. But I don´t understand, what is it I am actually looking for?

A4. The last few pages of Lancashire Hotpot will prepare you for what is ahead. Always remember to use your intuition and follow your instinct when you uncover information that doesn´t seem right rather than being unsure or doubting yourself. Try to look at situations from different directions and always try not to prejudge the outcome. If you find something that doesn´t seem right ask yourself who has something to gain by creating this situation? Then ask yourself a further question: Has your first conclusion been created in that way by someone who has wanted to manipulate the event or incident from a higher level?

Q5. This all sounds like a big journey through time trying to check if governments around the world have recorded history in a correct manner.

A5. You are correct but just take a look at the recent report published by the Bishop of Liverpool on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. The independent report was highly critical of senior police officers who sought to pass false information on to the press blaming the football supporters. This in itself is an outrage but also take a look at the investigations into the JFK, Scandinavian Star, MS Estonia, Lockerbie, Barry George, Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, Julie Ward and many others. A serious doubt has been cast about police professionalism and the intelligence services and to assist them with providing a quality service it is right people conduct their own independent research to ensure nothing is missed during an investigation. We live in the 21st century with the power of the internet to publish information and there are no boundaries to the digital information age. 

Q6. Wow. You think I can figure out who was ultimately behind the 9/11 attacks in America by reading Lancashire Hotpot?

A6. The novel is not being sold as a solution to world problems but only a small step in understanding a certain type of psychology that will empower you to carry on your own quest for truth and answers.

Q7. Is there anything else I need to know before I get started?

A7. Not really because it is a riddle. You decide if the Romont Riddle is "fact or fiction". The FAQ´s above should provide you with a path to go forward. Don´t forget a good piece of creative work doesn´t need much of an explanation because it should always be able to speak for itself. Happy research....

Q8. Is that all you are going to us? What type of reader do you hope to attract?

A8. Yes, that is all the information you are getting because it is a riddle. I hope the typical readers for "Lancashire Hotpot" are people like Prince Harry, Duchess of Cambridge and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Just remember people from Lancashire have a strange sense of humour!!!!

Q9. But, but, but, but, but. What about the Assyrian Year 6663?

A9. Nice try....... Off you go. You´ve got a damn sight more information than what I had 8 years ago! Just remember the Crown Prince of Denmark has got married and you are free to publish whatever you want. Other than that you might want to read "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling after you´ve read Lancashire Hotpot!

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